Urban Foodshed: Eating, Drinking, and Breathing in Seoul

There are nearly 7,000 professional farmers in Seoul, and the city produces 630 tons of grain, 175 tons of potatoes, 1,160 tons of cucumbers, 411 tons of tomatoes, and 311 tons of pears every year.1 Because of Seoul’s guerilla farmers, largely composed of senior citizens, it is common to see sesame leaves and zucchini plants growing along the well-maintained landscapes of city apartment blocks. In addition, due to the growing interest in urban farming by Seoul’s younger residents, as well as local government support, the total area of urban farms have increased 5.6 times just in the last five years. However, the total foodstuffs produced by these professional, guerilla, and recreational farmers can only support 0.001 percent of the over 10 million population of Seoul’s megacity.

Opening Indian Reception

Sponsored by Mr Vikram Doraiswami, Ambassador of India


Opening Performance

by multi-instrumental percussion quartet,

Taan from Ahmedabad, India

Collaborating NGOs

 Na Terra East Timor

Biennale Restaurant

South Indian Thaali Project, InKo Centre & Eden Restaurant

Fornelia Solar Oven, Savvas Hadjixenophontos

Atsas Organic Olive Oil, Nicolas Netien

Seed Library & Water Feeders for Bees, Dongyong Lee

Urban Bee's Diary, Ah-yoen Kim & Jisuk Kim & Youngjae Shin

March Against Monsanto Korea, Wontae Seo

Oae Rice Aquaponics, Seungyeon Lee 

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes, Eats, Shoots & Roots

Mindful Travel in Ladakh, Local Future

Food Waste Infographics, National Geographic

Melina Nicolaides, EM/MENA Project

Land for Life Project

: UNCCD (UN Convention to Combat against Desertification)


Food Future

New York City (Steady) State, Terreform

Guerilla Farmers in Seoul, Suyeon Yun

Future Mart, Guiyoung Hwang,

Biennale Cafe

Water Monitoring Duckbot, Hojun Song
The Ocean Cleanup, Boyan Slat
Climate Change: Intimate Portrait, Jessica Plumb

Welcome to Anthropocene, Future Earth

Water Fleas Project, Curatorial Team
Temperature Anomalies Arranged by Country 1900-2016

: Antti Lipponen

Drinking Water Chronicles

Say No to Water Privatization, EYDAP Syndicate

Six TV Ads against Water Privatization in Greece

: SGW(Save Greek Water)

Book of the Dead, Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Holy Water, Lotta Ekelund

Coca Cola India, Suyeon Yun

IWBA Water ATM, Mushon Zer Aviv & Wonyoung So

Korea's Bottled Waters App, Curatorial Team

Water Remunicipalisation Animation

: MSP(Municipal Service Project), TNI(Transnational Institute)

& CEO(Corporate Europe Observatory)

Collaborating NGOs

Air Bang

Community-based Fine Dust Monitoring System in Mangwon Neighborhood Seoul

: Hojun Song & 1Pixel Gardening

Asia's Climate Refugees Guo & Lee, Suyeon Yun

Digital Map of World Deserts, Sunmi Park

Environmental Monitoring System, Donggun Lee

Human Trees, Wontae Seo

Kubuqi Forestation Project, Future Forest


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Urban Foodshed Team

Curator : Hyewon Lee

Assistant Curator : Yunsu Yi

Advising Architect : Seowon Oh

Film & Photography : Suyeon Yun

Graphic Design : Hyunkyung Han

Exhibition Props & Technology : Sungil Lee

Transiation : Alice S. Kim

Interpretation : Kyunghee Lee

Project Coordinator : Hyein Hwang

Exhibition Coordinator : Seungkyung Lee

Event Coordinator : Jiyeon Kim

Themed Dinner Sous-Chef : Yunha Kim

Themed Dinner Program Manager: Yerim Seo

Themed Dinner Coordinator : Youngkyung Kim

Booklet Editors : Hyemin Kim & Hyunseung Lee

Plant Caretaker : Jungsook Lee

Media Outreach : Minji Ha