AIR BANG : Seoul-Beijing-Kubuqi

In Beijing, the air dome, a temporary building used in agricultural, military, and disaster situations has been in the spotlight recently as a playground for children who are restricted from outdoor activities due to air pollution. Seoul, where more and more days are deemed unfit to go outdoors due to high levels of fine dust particles, may have to resort to similar measures. This exhibition, which views air pollution in Seoul and Beijing as linked to the desertification of the Inner Mongolia region, has chosen as its motif the virtual space called ‘Air Bang’ (bang means room in Korean).

Installed on one side of the main exhibition space is the “Breathing Bang,” an indoor garden filled with air purification plants easily acquired in Seoul. The garden is equipped with an air quality meter that can measure temperature, humidity, fine dust particles, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds. Visitors can sit down and rest on the chairs in the garden, while examining the outside air quality in real time, transmitted by another meter installed on the roof of the building and relayed through a monitor.

Displayed on the opposite side of the space are a number of projects, including a digital map of the world’s deserts, video interviews of Asia’s climate refugees, a community-based fine dust monitoring project from the Mangwon neighborhood of Seoul, a picture of the Seoul skyline taken from Namsan tower on a day with high levels of fine dust, and pictures of people in Seoul wearing masks acquired from Beijing. And located on the back balcony of this space is the‘Tree Viewing Bang,’ which boasts an exceptional view of Gyeonghuigung palace. Interventions within this space have been minimized so that visitors can primarily enjoy the view of the lush woods that opens up through the window.

Lastly, the background sound that spans the entire space is the voice of Byunghyun Kwon from the Korean NGO Future Forest, who has been planting trees in the Kubuqi desert for the past 16 years, testifying to the recording of directional movements of the dust storm that he witnessed during his travels from Kubuqi, to Beijing and Seoul.







Sept. 5

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Air Bang

Solar Energy

Savvas  Hadjixenophontos (Inventor) 
& Hojun Song (Artist)

Oct. 13

3:00pm - 5:00pm

Air Bang

How to Prevent Yellow Dust 

Youngsu Lim (Forest Engineer)